Four Reasons to Build an Electric Vehicle

  1. 1.       Economical: Cost less to operate. Cost for energy at $.09 a kilowatt is $1.00 for every 50 miles.  An ICE getting 30 MPG at $2.90 a gallon is $4.83 for 50 miles. One half to one third the cost for maintenance even with the electric car’s extra replacement battery costs.
  2. 2.       Emotional : Build and/or Design myself, less dependent on others.
  3. 3.       Environmental: Electric cars are 80% efficient in the use of potential energy, while an ICE is 20% efficient.  Less pollution and greenhouse gas or if using solar panels to charge your batteries; no pollution. Less Noise pollution
  4. 4.       Political: United States imports 60 to 70% of our oil and 70% of that, is used for Transportation.  So we are dependent on other, sometimes radical anti-US countries for our energy. If we could drive, even change to 10% electric vehicles it would make us free from possible blackmail etc.

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