Elcon 5000 Charger Failed

Drove the Saturn 2 days and over 68 miles without a charge accidentally. Although I have a watt meter and usually record the overnight kwatts this time I did not. The second day of driving was without a charge.  Almost home on second day the Saturn ran low of power, parked it and towed it home. The Elcon has stopped working after less than a year of usage. Will get the book out and see what is going on. In the meantime I will use the QuickCharger charger. I have gone through a few battery charger purchases and failures. The red and green light alternate flashing without a pause which indicates output connector is disconnected. Connection is good, 159 volts on both sides of Anderson disconnect.

Elcon PFC 5000

Elcon PFC 5000

QuickCharger Charger-  SCPX 220

-QuickCharger Charger- SCPX 220 AC volt 20 amp that was modified by Quickcharger for the Lithium LiFePO4 technology and set maximum voltage at 168 volts.

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