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LED Voltmeter closeupThe analog voltmeter has not worked for a year now. I really need to see what the voltage fluctuation is to get some bearing on the state of charge and the charging system.

Would like a easy to read with a glance meter. LED digital volt meter with Red glowing digits will be the next thing.

One can purchase them on EBay for $4 to $40 each. They are all Asian made, none from the USA unless

LED Voltmeter GDD5135A

LED Voltmeter in Dash LED Voltmeter

it was made before 1970 so that option would be for a used extra large meter.

One issue is it has to be a 4 wire unit. The 3 wire meters use a shared ground for the power and signal. That would not work for 2 reasons. One, do not mess with running off the ‘high voltage pack’ negative when possible to keep it from grounding somehow and causing a safety issue. Two, I would have to supply the power source from the middle of the pack to keep the power supply around 12 volts.

So I need a 4 wire voltmeter, 2 wires for power and 2 wires for signal.

The first meter I installed off ebay was advertised “2V- 200V DC Red LED Golf Car Auto Battery Solar Panel Volt Meter Power 6-15V” It came in and I flipped the dip switches as instucted turn on the ignition. The meter worked fine for 15 seconds then went to -1 and never worked again. They sent me another one free and it did the same. I do not believe it could handle the 170 volts.

Purchased another one called “4x 3 1/2 Red LED DC Volt 200v Amp 50A Meter Panel New DC6-15.5V amp/volt meter” . This unit works great. It is also an AmpMeter if you have the correct shunt and use the 5th wire, which I did not use.



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