Video of Acceleration with 4 Gauges and Timer

Here I video the Saturn accelerating from a stop, shifting through the gears observing the 4 gauges, from the left are the voltmeter, speedometer, tachometer and amp meter.

My wife videoed this after church with me driving. The battery pack had been driven about 9 miles since the last charge. I am not trying to see what is it’s fastest time trial 0 to 60, but it is floored in the first part of video. I shift late to take notice of the relationship of the speed, rpms, voltage and amperage. The acceleration would be quicker with much lower rpm shift points. I added the clock to include time in the equation.

Notice how the ampmeter drops as the RPM increases. If you need to accelerate faster in an electric power vehicle you don’t downshift, you up shift. But higher RPM is more efficient I believe. Power ‘band’ is different in an electric. What do you think?

For example I can drive a steady 45 mph in second or third. More power in third and lower amp draw in second.

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