Trip to Corinth to Check Out 2 Electric Vehicles

James Edmonson VW James Edmonson Jetta
My buddy, mechanical geek, Jimmy Coleman and I traveled 75 miles to Mississippi to check out James Edmonson’s EV Jetta and EV Ranger. James was a most helpful host. He answered literally hundreds of questions. He took apart covers so I could take pictures and observe fabrications. We test drove both EV vehicles. They ran 60 mph plus. We discussed clutch verses clutchless designs (he uses a clutch (takes off in second and shifts to third at 40 mph and when coming to a stop does not use the clutch since the controller circuit is opened when the gas pedal is at idle and the only thing that has to turn with the transmission is the armature of the electric motor.))Aug16VisitToJamesEdmonson2 We studied the batteries, chargers, battery boxes, cables, electronic battery trackers, meters, suspension springs, DC-DC converters and etc. Aug16VisitToJamesEdmonson

This guy Edmonson is probably typical of the electric car enthusiast and is an example of what is good about this country. He is an independent thinker, entrepreneur, experimenter, has a dream and can finish what he starts. There are over a thousand like him around the USA (and elsewhere) building these vehicles and believing there has got to be a better way! A few of them will change the direction of history with some small discovery or prove some new breakthrough theory.
Did I just overdo it?

Anyhow, it was a productive trip.

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