Some Gift Ideas For Your EV Electric Vehicle Builder

I tried some to compile this list to help in buying for someone or showing what is probably needed in the EV conversion world. Not complete but Unbiased because I am not selling anything.



Drill Press


Crimping tool #4255-001


Cable/Wire Cutter


Stripping Tool To4215


Battery filler To20400


Hydrometer With Temperature To21040


Battery Terminal Lifter TO21027


Battery Terminal Brush TO21000


Chop Saw 14″ Dewalt

Reciprocating Cutoff Saw Dewalt

Electric Hand Drill 120 Volt AC


Electric Hand Drill (Battery type)


Electric Hand Drill (angle head)


Complete set of Hand Drills 1/32 to 1/2″


Drill Sharpener (I sharpen them by hand)


Set of Hole Saws 1/2″ to 2 &1/2″


Miller MIG Welder with Argon Tank Model 130


Lincoln Stick Welder


Cart for welder


Welding Helmet (auto Darkening)


Drop Lights


Pocket or pen Flashlights


Meter Base( to measure the AC voltage used.)


Different Kinds of Vise Grips


Air compressor






120 V AC 5 cfm brushless cooling fan


Battery Charger (onboard) 115 AC & 230 AC


2/0 Spare welding cable (even for spare battery cables)


Inertia Switch


Chrome Emblems


High Voltmeter


Low Voltmeter


Ammeter (shunt with it)


Battery Pack Monitor


Primary Copper Wire rolls, in 10, 14 and 18 gauge,
different colors


Black Paint, either aerosol or Rustoleum quarts


Warm-up portable ceramic heater


Flat Iron 2″ X 1/8″


Angle Iron 2″X2″X1/8″ & Thick 1″X1″X1/16 Thick


Square Iron Tubing 1/16″ Thick 1″X1″


Panel 1/2″ X 2′ X 4′ high temperature and impact for the
electrical panel


Electrical Boxes, Plastic


Duck Tape


Distilled Water


Carpet, Vehicle Interior


Mini Mount to quiet Vacuum pump etc.




Books, Software


Convert It


Build your Own Electric Vehicle


Battery Book One” by Curtis


-FREE- Wiring Diagram Software

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