About Stimulated Saturn

The Beginning

  • April 2008 began this journal-blog

Planned on doing a web site on the Saturn but with work, Church and the electric Saturn I kept putting it off. so here I go.
The IDEA started the Spring of 2008. I always wondered if there is a better way to transport stuff then the standard petroleum ICE (internal combustion engine) power. I read a lot about Hydrogen, HHO from water and did some experiments with that in the spring and summer. About April I decided to build an ‘all electric vehicle’ that could be used as an everyday transportation machine. It would have to be comfortable, reliable and fast enough to keep driving for years. It needed to be able to travel 45 miles on an overnight charge. Estimated time of Completion being Christmas 2008 (secretly hoping much sooner). Being an automotive ASE master mechanic for a living, I had an idea this would be a big project, and it was.

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