August 2012 Update

2012 from January to August has been without EV events, well except in January Elithion cell board failure when I installed the cell log and removed the BMS from Elithion.

Watthour Meter Socket Box Setup

Watthour Meter Socket Box Setup

On January 1, 2012 the Saturn had 184644 miles and the KWH meter showed 3135.
Now on August 10 the mileage is 187888 and KWH meter shows 4297.
That would be 3244 miles using 1162 Kilowatt Hours. 2.791 Kilowatts per mile.

At 10¢ a Kilowatt this comes out to 2.79¢ a mile. Gasoline today at $3.50 a gallon indicates 125.4 miles to a gallon as far as energy costs go.

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