Elithion Lithiumate Cell Board Failure

A few days ago I was checking the battery pack voltages and noticed that 5 of the cells were reading over 4 volts and fail code warning.

Cell Boards Installed, Elithion BMS

Cell Boards Installed, Elithion BMS

Upon further investigation #31 through #35 cells were not sending information to the controller of the Elithion Lithiumate BMS. The over 4 volts probably was a default reading. After removing the rear battery box cover, the LEDs on those 5 cells were not flashing as they should. #31 was the first in the string to not flash. I put a voltmeter on #31 and it’s voltage was .03 volts with the charger on. After removing the cell board I tested it and it was shorted. It tested 56 ohms across the positive to negative. Resistance should be infinity. I charged the dead cell for a hour and no response. I charged her for 6 hours still almost Zero voltage.

2 new CALIBs 130 ah have been ordered from Calib Power. I did not ask to have the one warrantied because I believe the BMS ruined the cell. I ordered 2 instead of one in case of another failure I will have a spare. See the video below.

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