EV Lithium LiFePO4 test drive

Batteries are installed. Forty Eight of them, CALIB 130 ah at 3.2 volts each comes out to 153.6 volts.

First key on view with CALIB batteries Mileage 182112

First key on view with CALIB batteries Mileage 182112

182112 is the odometer reading when the Lithium batteries are installed and the key turned on
The old pack was lead acids 18 of the 8 volt golf cart deep cycle Exide 150 ah running 144 volts. So we kicked up the voltage 10 volts, dropped the amperage capacity 30 amphour and shed about 600 pounds. The 3 battery boxes were used with changes. Besides changing the cable lugs to flat the basic routing of the most negative to the most positive battery locations and the in-series locations are the same.
On the front battery box, one row next to the power plant motor was removed. Access to some of the electronics and the motor is now better. Part of the left out box was needed to hold up the control panel. So I cut up the metal box, repainted and installed.
The center battery box is similar, just added a couple PVC pipes to keep the batteries snug. The top will have to be raised a half of an inch.
The rear battery box had 2 rows of batteries, 4 six packs. That left 5 inches of space that I put towards the rear bumper, keeping the weight towards the center or front of vehicle.

The CALIBs have serial numbers which I recorded and also a single number on top. Mine have an 8 or 9 or 10. Not sure what that means. I will email CALIB and find out.
Test drove .5 miles and all went well. Charged with the Quick charger that was modified by Quickcharger for the Lithium LiFePO4 technology and set maximum voltage at 168 volts which is 3.5 volts per cell. It took 11 kwhs to full charge the pack.

Test drove vehicle 17 miles today. Runs good, more power, no smell.

Some things to get the Saturn going after over a year.
1. Front engine undercover too low
2. check engine mounts while on lift
3. Check all suspension including noise in the rear (may be PCV spacer pipe rattle on bumps)
4. Tire pressures
5. Finish modifying 2 battery box covers since the new packs are taller)
6. wash
7. install radio that someone stole while Saturn set up

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