CALIB Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Purchased and Received

Well, I decided on CALIB batteries because of discussions on and .

CALIBs Arrive

CALIBs Arrive

CALIB Arrive Crate Open

CALIB Arrive Crate Open

Specifications Model:SE130AHA

Keegan Han is the manager at Calib Power Inc. The company is a quisi-China government company, like a retail outlet for CALIB . I emailed him and he quickly replied. We emailed a few more times and talked on the phone. I made the purchase with a credit card so if the batteries did not show up, I had recourse. (I found no recourse with the earlier batteries in 2010 with Ev-components and James Morrison(still looking for him))
CALB Battery SE130AHA cost was $156.00 each which comes to $1.20 per amphour, per battery of 3.2 volts. Busbar bolt and washer is $1.50 each. Shipping to Tennessee was $290 plus an additional 2% credit card fee.
CALIB Arrive 3Just Placed a few in the Saturn to see’m there

Contact Info

Calib Power Inc.
1623 W. 2nd St., Pomona, CA 91766
Keegan Han
Sales Manager
Tel: 909-865-8809
Cell: 626-383-2957

Warranty Period:

36 month after sale from CALB. The warranty clause within the
specific sales contract will be priority to any other if there is.
– For the first 18 month, CALB will replace the unqualified cells for free if the batteries
cannot satisfy the performance requirements and fits for the replacement condition.
– For the last 18 month, CALB will replace the unqualified cells for half-charge if the
batteries cannot satisfy the performance requirements and fits for the replacement


China Aviation Lithium Battery., Ltd (CALB) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Airborne Missile Academy (CAMA), specialized in producing Li-ion Battery, Battery Management Systems (BMS) and so on.
With the mission of promoting energy-saving and developing low-carbon economy, CALB is becoming a golden global supplier of lithium battery with its advanced technology, reliable quality, customer satisfaction. Based on the aviation technology background, the policy support of central and local government, CALB has been a leading company producing high capacity, high power and long life Li-ion battery, the core unit of industry-standard drafting, and undertakes the national 863 major project of developing high-capacity phosphoric acid Li-ion power battery and dynamic module.

Products of CALB have been applied to many military fields such as ships, armored vehicles, UPS, aircraft and other military equipment and civil fields such as electric vehicles, locomotives, energy storage, communications base stations, power tools, etc. After several years of development, CALB has established the first-class teams including scientific research team, marketing team and so on.

CALIB 130 amphour

CALIB 130 amphour

Specifications: Specifications on the CALIB 130 AHA LiFePO4 battery
The total employees in CALB now are over 510. The company organization consists of 10 functional departments and marketing division, technology center, manufacturing division. The annual production capacity of CALB now is output 60 million single batteries, 20000 sets of BMS, power modules, etc. Because of the cooperative development with Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Germany’s PRETTL Group and others, the scientific research level and product quality of CALB has been improved rapidly. Now CALB has applied all kinds of patents more than 30. The products of CALB have passed the quality system certification of ISO9001A, the test of 863 Project Power Battery Test Center, and the certification of CE, UL to international markets.

The batteries arrived in wooden crates, 16 batteries per crates and 3 crates. Tested each battery and they came out to 3.30 volts each. They are suppose to be shipped with a 60% charge.

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