LiFePO4 Battery Brands and Distributors December 2010

The following table is a list of lithium phosphate, electric car suitable, available and beyond the testing phase batteries. As before, there are NO USA lithium battery companies selling to the independent EVers.



Brand Distributors Manufacture Info
Wilson (Thundersky) Lithiumstorage AllianceRenewableEnergy EVolveElectrics  CurrentEvTech Winston Battery Limited, Shenzhen in PRC, China
GBS RebirthAuto  ElectricMotorSport Zhejiang GBS Energy

Co.,Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Headway Headway-Headquarters ManzanitaMicro Zhejiang Xinghai Energy

Technology Co.,Zhejiang, China

CALB (Sky Energy) Lithiumstorage  AllianceRenewableEnergy ManzanitaMicro China Aviation Lithium

Battery Co.,Luoyang City, China

HiPower Did, but not anymore in 2010 Hipower New Energy Co.Ltd (ShanDong) China
A-123 Never to Evers A123 Systems, Watertown,

Mass., USA

Valence Never to Evers Suzhou China, Austin

Texas USA



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