2009 Summary of The Similarly Stimulated Saturn

2009 Summary of The Similarly Stimulated Saturn (Alternative Energy Saturn)
* Starting Odometer showed 174280
* At the end of 2009 Odometer showed 182073
* Driven 7793 Electric Miles
* [[http://www.saturn.lynnautorepair.com/node/326|Tachometer]] and Speedometer have worked fine since the setup was finished
* Bought a 240 volt AC charger for overnight full charging since the 120 volt 8 amp charger does not seem to be able to handle the pack (Quick Charger Brand OP144 volt 10 amp & SCPX144 volt 20 amp)
* Used a [[http://www.saturn.lynnautorepair.com/node/315|cheater heater]]
* Installed a [[http://www.saturn.lynnautorepair.com/node/332|watthour meter and box]] to record the Saturn’s energy needs and efficiency.
* Had fun doing a [[http://www.saturn.lynnautorepair.com/node/343|Car Show]]
*Began plans for a [[http://solar.lynnautorepair.com|Solar System]] to [[http://www.saturn.lynnautorepair.com/node/346|power the Saturn]]

Numbered Batteries in the Pack

Numbered Batteries in the Pack

: The batteries are numbered 1 to 18 starting in series with the most positive to the most negative.
In September I Had a problem with the Quick Charger 240 volt charger. It hung up a couple or more nights, charging up to 180 volts. By then it damaged the battery pack. Some of the battery cells were low showing the plates. I also had a life emergency which occupied all my spare time for a couple of months. After replacing the charger and 3 batteries #9, #10, #11, I charged the pack. It’s distance is down from 30 to 37 miles to around 20 miles on a charge. Also the pack seems to lose some current after sitting a couple of days now. From September to the end of December the Saturn was driven 340 miles.

In December the weather is below freezing most mornings and I made a decision last winter to change out the liquid heater to a ceramic heater.
1. Main reason is, I need instant heat and I need no waste. The liquid heater must take a few minutes to heat the antifreeze/water then pump it through rubber hoses and pipes to the original heater core. I believe having the heater under the dash will mean all the heat is near me already.
2. A second reason to go into the climate control is in the summer I do not get a good flow of outside air. I need to find out why or modify something.
3. A third reason is during cold weather I do get a cold draft under the dash.
4. Fourth reason, remove the evaporator core may give me better air volume.

So I have remove the dash, dropped the column, removed the complete heater HVAC housing and all of the old liquid heater system, tank, hoses, relays and motor.
Removed the evaporator core, cut out the center of the heater core to install the ceramic heater element and found that the recirculate motor is bad. That is why I would get a cold draft in winter and weak venting in the summer. I will do another journal entry later when I have more info on the heater finished and all.

Forward into 2010 looking into:
– Solar energy project
– methanol fuel cells
– lithium-iron-phosphate LFP (LiFePO4) battery pack and charger and battery management system ( I did buy a [[http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250538102456|LiFePO4 battery 2 x AA cells with battery charger]] off ebay and am using them in a flashlight. They are very light and have so far worked good)
– race electric car for 1/8 mile drag race.

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