5,000 EV miles & thoughts on: What speed is most efficient?

Why in 5000 EV Miles no real troubles? Still keeping records of grid input and EV miles output and have passed the 5,000 mile without buying any gasoline or oil. I did have to fill up my Ford Ranger to take the RA boys at church on a camping trip. I have really enjoyed the ride so far. The temperature is bumping 97f this week and having no Air Conditioning is a little tough. Its probably good for me. I do not seem as careful about the watt usage. I come to believe that keeping the RPM’s above 4000 is more efficient. If I go faster than 45 mph, the motor revs to 6000 then I need to shift to 3rd where the RPM’s drop to 3500 and I try to get up to 55-60 mph to keep above 4000 where the amp draw gauge shows a more efficient usage. I wonder if someone knows where a chart would be that showed what amp or watt draw at 45 mph would be the same efficiency at 65 mph? Being how to go 1 mile at 65 mph you would draw for 55 seconds, or at 45 MPH you would draw for 80 seconds to travel the same mile. So an extra 25 seconds at a lower amp draw or shorter time at a higher draw. hummmm I did have one thing break, the lower dog bone strut mount. I had to beef up one part and reweld it.

My lower strut mount dogbone

My lower strut mount dogbone

Dave at Grass Roots Healthfoods has come up with a more professional looking mount here.

Dave's dog bone mount

Dave’s dog bone mount

So an extra 25 seconds at a

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 08/07/2009 – 04:00.

So an extra 25 seconds at a lower amp draw or shorter time at a higher draw. hummmm

the shorter amp at the higher current will mean the battery will be stressed higher and give less total energy
the lower amp at and longer draw off will discharge the battery more efficiently and give slightly more distance per charge and also result in longer total battery life.

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