Clutch Hydraulic Problem

The clutch worked fine before the conversion but after the transplant the pedal stroke had little resistance and would not release the clutch disc from the flywheel/pressure plate. I guess somewhere during the conversion and moving stuff around the system leaked and failed. On the earlier maiden test drive I could not shift the transmission while moving.

Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder Kit

Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder Kit

Interesting that some EV’s are converted without using the flywheel or clutch. They just spline the crankshaft of the motor to the input of the transmission and take off in second and shift to third without any disconnect. When you slow down you even downshift without a clutch. Maybe so but with the extra spinning weight of a flywheel and pressure plate you need a clutch disconnect so the synchronizer can align the two.

The fluid was low so I refilled it but there is no place to bleed a Saturn. If any of the hydraulics need replacing you get the “whole thing”, the master cylinder, line and slave cylinder. They come in a box already full of fluid.
So I purchased one kit and installed it in 45 minutes and now the pedal is fine.

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