Surgery: Removal of Internal Combustion Engine

Saturn Measure engine mount position beforeMeasure
Measured the center of the crankshaft to reference points on the body so I can position the electric motor later and keep the transmission – axle angles correct.
Aug 2008 Remove FreonRemove Freon
First pull the R134A Freon from the Saturn and recycle it. While that is happening remove breather, drain fluids, oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid. Remove the exhaust system, cut the exhaust pipe with an acetylene torch at two places.
SaturnUnderhoodUnder the hood view before Conversion
Remove all four wheels, and shields under radiator and around drive shafts, remove both axles or half shafts with right one having a center bearing point, unbolt motor mounts (2), remove the battery and holder and box (after my socket bumped the hot wire at the alternator and sparked), remove shifter cable ends at transmission, washer tank, coolant tank, A.C. compressor, radiator fan, radiator and condenser, a.c. dryer, hose, 4 ground wires on transmission mount bolts, accelerator cable, multiple connectors on engine-transmission sensors, other (2)motor mounts, turn clutch slave cylinder 1/4 turn counterclockwise to remove(do not open the hydraulic line connection, just move it out of the way).
Aug 2008 Removed PartsRemoved Parts
Jack up and remove the engine and transmission together with cherry picker, unplug brake vacuum hose, ground strap under intake (10mm) untangle etc cables.
Aug Removing Engine 2008Removing Engine
Remove the exhaust body heat shields.
Remove the gas tank, filter and lines from the tank to the engine.
OctInstallEngineEngine ICE Out

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