Measure Ride Height and Vehicle Weight

Reading what other EV builders have done and recommend I measured some things before removal of engine etc. Top pre-surgery procedures included the ride height at all 4 wheels, weight at each wheel and later engine and transmission position.

Left front= 26″ ground to fender above center of wheel
Right front= 26″ gfacw
Left rear= 26.5″ gfacw
Right rear= 26.25″ gfacw
Left front= 7.5″ ground to jack points
Right front= 7.75″ gjp
Left rear= 7.75″ gjp
Right rear= 7.75″ gjp

Saturn on scalesSaturn-On-Scales-After-ConversionE-Z Weight Scale

Weight at each wheel. I believe this is important to see how I did after batteries and etc is added compared to the before numbers. Also when ordering the new heavy duty rear coil springs (because of rear added weight of batteries) I will have a beginning point.

Using portable scales that stock car racer Richard Holmes let me borrow, 2270 pounds is the total weight with gas tank almost empty.
Left front= 697
Right front= 705
Left front= 436
Right front= 441

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