I Am In It Now, Can’t Turn Back

July 26 2008

So with the Saturn in the Garage, my mind can start visualizing the next steps.
1. Taking notes, measurements or pictures of the inside and outs of the Saturn.
2. Dis-assembly; removal of engine, radiator, air conditioning parts (condenser, compressor, dryer, lines), transmission will come out with the engine, gas tank with pump, complete exhaust with hangers, axles, fuel lines and ?
3. Battery location, how many etc.
4. Where to put gauges what to change and keep.

So I read some more,
Emailed and called EV parts suppliers,
Studied AC verses DC motors
Studied heater options

a. Ceramic heating coil placed where heater core was or cutout center of core and attach there.
b. Liquid heated and pumped system using original heater core.
Studied Air conditioning options
A. standard belt driven original or similar compressor, condenser etc.
B. electric compressor (like a refrigerator and some hybrid factory cars are done)
C. ice chest coolers.
I pondered how to handle the right axle that bolts to the ICE engine block?

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